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Technology and Its Impact on Education

The field of education has changed drastically during the past decade. One of the main reasons behind this drastic change in the field of education is technological development. The large scale development that has taken place in the technological sector has helped the educational organizations in bringing up new scopes of learning for the students. During the 1990s, computers along with other important forms of modern technology had a minimal role to play in the classroom. But things have changed these days. Nowadays, 90 out of 100 college students attend their classes with a laptop. So, what are the biggest advantages of technology to education? We will have a look below:

Research has been Made Easier because of Advanced Technology

Previously, when there was no internet available for students, they were forced to out in a lot of time in going through books in the library. However, with the evolution of the internet, students have now got several new and advanced tools for conducting research at a very fast pace and in a very comfortable manner. There are different online research aids now available to the students and these include Google Scholar, Encyclopedias and JSTOR. With the use of these tools and other important search engines, students get the ease and the convenience of getting hold of relevant and useful information more efficiently and faster. Additionally, intensive memorization is no longer required as information is readily available.

Interactive Classroom Experience

The new and advanced technology also makes way for more interactive, more efficient and faster classroom experience. Nowadays, there are Powerpoint projectors and presentations available making it very easy for students to grasp what is being taught in the classrooms without the need of whiteboards and blackboards. Students can also take quizzes during classroom hours with clickers.